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I want to continue a customer service focus in Information Technology which started with graduation and employment with Penn State University in 1983. Determining requirements and your business needs and then finding solutions to those needs is a passion. Problem solving has always been one of my strengths.


Since retiring at the end of 2017, bringing my skills to a small group of select clients seemed a valuable business need in the area. The focus of the business is to help and to be responsive to you. Too many businesses have grown large and now when you have an emergency are not responsive.  I will be able to respond to you quickly.

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To me Customer Service is all about listening to your customers first and foremost.  You must understand them, and only then you can determine the root cause of their concern and find a solution.

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Brian Hallberg

Owner & Consultant

My background includes programming, web design, enterprise architecture, networking, database and system administration. The security of those systems and solutions has always been a priority to protect the information and data of their owners.

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