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Manage Your Systems

Let me address any computer or network issues or future upgrades and additions you may have for either your business or individual systems.

Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC or iOS or Linux systems are all supported.  Desktops, laptops, tablets and servers are all supported. Wired or Wireless networks too.

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Web & Software Design

Do you need a new web site or simply some updates to your existing site I will recommend a hosting service.  Let me work with you to design and maintain your site.

I work on databases either as part of your web site or a standalone application.

I develop scripts or applications to help you reduce repetitive tasks in your business or personal life.

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Are your business or family computers and network safe for all the work you are doing online?  If you are not patching your system or safeguarding the passwords you use online, you should get in touch with me to review your processes.

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Your Main Message

I want to continue a customer service focus in Information Technology which has evolved and improved while working for Penn State University since 1983. I am passionate about working with you to determine the requirements of your business and then finding secure, cost effective solutions to them.

The focus of the business is to help and to be responsive to you. I will be able to respond to you quickly.

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Next Steps…

Please review my services and then contact me to schedule a time to meet and discuss your needs.

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